Over a decade of web hosting

We provide website and email hosting solutions to small, medium and large enterprises. Our fully managed strategy ensures every customer receives an unparalleled service with high quality technical support and reliable infrastructure. 

We’ve been hosting websites for over a decade with many life-long customers. From a single email address through to load-balanced dedicated servers. We have the expertise, drive and commitment to see your solution flourish.

1. Feature Packed

We try to include everything needed for a problem free solution. Whether is spam control or data caching, we provide you the control. 

2. Superfast

We use the latest technology by using the finest hardware, in the very best data centres with a managed and planned EOL schedule. 

3. Supportive

No matter the problem, our team is here to support you. Whether its a server outage, web development issue or a point in the right direction. 

4. Dependable

Monitoring our network around the clock is part our core operation. We’re able to dispatch an engineer within minutes of an issue or outage.

So, why should you entrust Nationhost with your server solution?

We Listen, We’re Supportive and We adapt to serve you better. Find out more about why you should choose us on our page – Why Nationhost?
We’re constantly reviewing our service, offers and direction – If you have any questions or would like to speak to our management team – please get in touch by clicking here