Email Only Solutions

Work from anywhere

What's Included?

Whether your in the office, at home or on holiday,
having access to your email is paramount!
Fast, Secure and Dependable.

Even if your website is hosted elsewhere, we can host your
email on our super-strength servers, pro-actively monitored
around the clock.

We offer standard spam filters or we can provide our
advanced platform for £1.50 per month, with adjustable
settings, virus checking and daily quarantine digests.

Choose your Plan

All Inclusive Email Hosting


1x Account
1x GB of Storage
10x Forwarders
Basic Spam Filter
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Classic +

5x Accounts
5x GB of Storage
50x Forwarders
Basic Spam Filter
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Classic Pro

20x Accounts
20x GB of Storage
Unlimited Forwarders
Basic Spam Filter
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40x Accounts
40x GB of Storage
Unlimited Forwarders
Pro Spam Filter
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Every mailbox includes:
Webmail, POP3, IMAP & SMTP
Shared Calendars & Address Book
Basic Spam Filter, Mailing Lists
& Email Forwarders

Extra Resources
Email Accounts £1 per Mailbox
Disk space  £1 per GB
Forwarder £1 per 10x
Pro Spam Filter  £1.50 per Mailbox

We use Mailchannels for
Outbound spam protection

This protection stops spam being emitted
from compromised email accounts and
often causing our IP addresses to be blacklisted.
This in turn enables consistent delivery of your
genuine emails to their recipients, without
hitting any spam folders.