Welcome to our new platform

Faster Web Hosting - No Technical Knowledge Required

We’ve been using the powerful Apache web server software since we first started, It’s been a solid and dependable platform which was innovatively complimented a few years ago by a web accelerator called  LiteSpeed. This software duo created fast environments for websites (especially WordPress sites) because of its advanced cache. 

Just like other hosting firms, we have invested heavily into cloud infrastructure. We have also redefined our web server environment by adding NGINX web server software into the mix in order to reduce server load ultimately speeding up our platform. By innovatively combining all three, we’re able to serve static content two & a half times faster than before.


How is it different?

Fast Apache Hosting

Process-driven architecture.
A new thread for each request.

10770 Static Requests per Second

108 Dynamic Requests per Second

Faster NGINX Hosting

Event-driven architecture.
Multiple requests within one thread.

20232 Static Requests per Second

108 Dynamic Requests per Second

Lower Load
As fewer processes are executed, the  queues will be shorter, base loads will become lower. 

Faster Static Hosting
Using the new web server software, we can almost double the capacity of the server.

Same Dynamic Hosting
PHP scripts will load at the same speed as before due to the processes involved. 

Greater Security
The base code for NGINX is far smaller and more nimble, enabling quicker protection.

Small Print
Subject to a 30 day rolling contract.