Our Assurances
– Power – N+1 uninterruptible power
– Cooling – N+1 uninterruptible cooling
– Connectivity – N+1 uninterruptible bandwidth
– Cleanroom – For server builds / maintenance.
– SLA – Over 99.9%
– Security – On-site 24 Hours
– Policy – Eco & Honest

By spreading into multiple data centres, we can shift data around and
move into new data centres, consistently improving your experience.   

CoLocation Delivery Address

DDCL, Tutis Point, 5 Greenwich View Place, London, E14 9NN

We host our servers in colocation suites in third-party data centres. We only use data centres with a proven track record and able to beat our expectations. We primarily use Tutis Point in the heart of Docklands, London for the main bulk of our services because of its close proximity to the epic centre of the UK internet. With a 10Gbps ring network linking our network to LINX & over 900 peering points. 

We have smaller cloud instances in two separate data centres nearby to enhance our network disaster resiliency capabilities.