Our Network

We use a wide array of upstream providers connected via 5 separate points of presence to ensure diversity and the fastest possible connection. By using third-party networks, we’re able to connect to the fastest routes with greater worldwide reach. From Digital Reality’s Sovereign House, Equinix’s Harbour Exchange & Telehouse’s East, North and West, We’re able to get low latency connections to most of UK’s domestic ISP’s plus vast capacities to America and over 70 other countries. 

Public Peering
– LINX (120Gbps), LoNAP (100Gbps) & NL-IX (20Gbps)

Private Peering – BT (90Gbps), BSkyB (40Gbps), Core-Backbone (30Gbps), TalkTalk (60Gbps), OVH (40Gbps) & Virgin Media (60Gbps)

IP Transit – CenturyLink (20Gbps), Cogent (210Gbps) & NTT (40Gbps)