Our Network


Our Network Partners

20 Gbps Vodafone
20 Gbps SSE Telecom
20 Gbps NTT
20 Gbps Cogent
20 Gbps Centurylink
20 Gbps Tata Communications
20 Gbps AirTel

Core Features

1 Gbps Network Ports

Each server is connected to our LAN via a 1 Gbps network connection to a switch within the same rack. This is then connected via a 10Gbps LAN to an edge router.

Layered Security

We use WAF to protect each server, reducing wordpress driveby's and brute force attacks, We also employ a network level security process that mitigates DDOS's and worldwide attacks.

20 Gbps Ring

Spanning data centres around the world and using multiple carriers for outage diversity. This design of network could be seen as our unique selling point. Each network leg has it's own external transit and peering agreements offering speedy local handover all converging at Telehouse (North & East) in London, UK.